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‘’The Wastebin has proved a very useful and effective product for all workers across our site. It has allowed ease of access for tools, materials and waste around areas of the site that is inaccessible to plant and machinery. We have noticed improved movement efficiency on site requiring fewer trips back and forth to our stores' department meaning less wasted time. The Wastebin also allows us to improve our housekeeping skills onsite, our site is much cleaner and tidier which decreases site hazards. One application I am most impressed by is on our concrete infills on our hollow core slabs, we are able to batch concrete, sling, lift and then move the Wastebin around freely on the slab. This exercise used to require a concrete skip and wheelbarrow, however, the Wastebin allows all this in one product in addition having four wheels allows much easier manoeuvrability with less effort.’’ Overall we are very happy with the product as it has contributed to improving working life on site.’’

Steve Mount, Site Project Manager


The Wastebin has been designed to transport up to 355 litres of waste materials and construction rubble safely and simply away from the workzone.

Its excellent manoeuvrability makes moving debris around both indoor and outdoor workzones simple. It has been designed to fit easily through standard doorways, making site transportation simple and efficient.

Additionally, the Wastebin has its own parking brake for additional security to safely stow any unattended loads on undulated surfaces.

The Wastebin works very well with the elebia hook.

  • Four punctureless tyres.
  • Brake secures load in situ.
  • Four wheels for added stability and manoeuvrability.
  • Four lifting hooks used for efficient emptying and tipping into skips.
  • Weight: 65 kg.
  • Max Load: 600kg.
  • Volume: 355L tub with a reinforced bottom l Weight: 65kg.