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About us

When HAKI acquired vertemax in March 2021, the opportunity for enhancing our safe access solutions offering to you was a priority.

Through this acquisition we are now able to offer a full range of temporary access, scaffolding and workzone safety products. As well as digital tools and expert support services to help our customers achieve maximum safety and efficiency in any environment. With a combined investment for innovation, our focus is on bringing together our capabilities to deliver innovation through our technology and support, designed to provide the greatest level of protection.

We believe heritage and values are integral to our success. From local origins in a small village in Sibbhult, to a 65-year heritage of quality Swedish engineering, we understand the power of collaboration, partnerships, innovation and a responsibility to our people and environment in achieving our ambitions.

We aim to support each customer in any way we can, with any challenge and wherever needed.  As a company who puts customer experience and satisfaction at the top of the list, we pride ourselves on being flexible and in being able to offer real understanding of the complexities, challenges and demands of the environments our partners work in.

With productivity and efficiency at the heart, our focus on safety remains steadfast in everything we do.

We never compromise on safety.

Locally focused

The company is a part of Midway Holding AB, that owns FAS Converting, Landqvist Mekaniska, Normann Olsen Maskin and Norgeodesi. The Safe Access Solutions business area includes French company Novakorp, Austrian company EKRO and British company Vertemax. Acquired in March 2021 Vertemax has now completed a full brand integration with HAKI.

“Our industry is one where safety is paramount, the best solutions are chosen and where relationships are managed with integrity and transparency.”