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Vertemax rental services


vertemax® offer an extensive range of products for rental to satisfy customer requirements – a cost effective yet efficient way to meet your Workzone Safety needs. The rental/hire fleet comprises of many elements of the core product offering including Edge Protection and Access Solutions:

V – Barrier System

Barriers, Posts and Components serving a variety of applications including drilling, clamping, cast-in, formwork, freestanding and compression.


3 independent Catchfan models – Standard, Mini and Maxi. Installed to the perimeter of a building or scaffold to arrest falling objects and materials.


Stairway products provide access in scaffold, concrete and timber environments. vertemax® offer 6 independent sizes: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 steps with the Stairway Support Beam product being available to create extended, unsupported stairways up to 36 steps. Available in Steel and Aluminium.

Fall Protection Solutions

Alsipercha and Alupercha provide site operatives with effective overhead protection for those who are exposed to falls from height. The two products can be used with many system applications, explore the full range here.

To identify customer needs the vertemax® sales team are always available to consult and offer professional advice about what product(s) best satisfy your onsite safety needs.

Upon return all products are inspected and serviced by specialists to ensure their reliability and compliance for future use.

For more information about the vertemax® rental service enquire with the sales team direct, fill out an enquiry form below or contact us by telephone or e-mail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What area do you cover?

United Kingdom as well as Ireland

What area do you cover?

United Kingdom as well as Ireland

What is the delivery time?

A large percentage of our products are next day delivery, for specifics speak to the sales team

How much is delivery?

Dependent on site location and which products

How much is a certain quantity of product X?

Sales will provide a detailed quotation

What is the minimum hire period?

6 weeks

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