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Making progress to keep the maritime industry safe.

Addressing one of the most challenging and hazardous workzone environments, maritime construction, vertemax® is delivering workzone products and services designed to protect lives of those working on land or sea-based maritime works.

Billions of pounds are spent on coastal and maritime construction in the UK every year, including on ports, docks, harbours, jetties and coastal and flood defence works.

The industry has long understood the real cost savings generated through the avoidance of accidents and injury.  Today, vertemax® offers the maritime industry workzone safety already endemic across parallel construction, rail and industrial sectors where we have been delivering new levels of safety assurance and performance with edge protection, access solutions, workzone safety and elebia lifting products and services.

The UK’s maritime construction industry has one of the best safety records thanks to a no compromise approach but there is still new room for improvement.  Through innovation and driving a new culture of workzone safety vertemax® is supporting its maritime partners achieve new levels of safety, efficiency and productivity.

Having recently engaged in independent customer research to understand value to customers, feedback showed it was the investment vertemax® makes in customer service which is setting it apart.  The support delivered was recognised as first-class and expert, offering reassurance and benefits from strong built relationships where trust is essential.

Our teams understand how maritime construction workzones are complex and of course continually change in scope of complexity.  They frequently visit sites up and down the country, working with partners on product innovations to solve new challenges.  The vertemax® technical and warehouse teams at our head office are also delivering day-to-day operational and supply support to ensure product reaches maritime construction sites as soon as possible keeping works moving safely.

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