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  • Innovation to protect people
  • Innovation for efficiency
  • Innovation to solve challenges

Just one of the areas that sets vertemax® apart is our focus and capacity for innovation.  It is an integral part of our business’ DNA, and is an area we see as critical to our continued and future success.

From an early stage, we recognised innovation is the key to deliver faster and better ways to protect people and help our customers create a safe and productive place to work.

To achieve this, our team – from product development to account management to customer service – are empowered to build and foster collaborative relationships with customers.  This enables us to solve challenges we would otherwise not have known about. It enables us to learn from practical experiences on sites, and this knowledge of the complexities workzone companies face, provides us with real time insight and understanding allowing us to react fast in delivering new solutions.  This approach has shaped our company and helps set us apart.

As leaders in workzone safety our reputation is well earned, and today we continue to invest to achieve our aims in delivering products designed to protect people across industries worldwide.

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Innovation to protect people

Being the entire focus of our business, our in-house product development team take very seriously the impact accidents have on people’s lives and families. Our product innovation is firstly about protecting people but also about protecting the commercial prospects of our customers, collectively achieved without compromise by helping make sites safe. One accident is too many, and whilst zero tolerance is aimed for each time, the nature of construction, rail, marine and other industrial workzones means there will always be an inherent element of risk associated with their activities. Our innovation process is focused on how our products and services can remove or mitigate as much potential for risk as possible, whether through better safety equipment or in supporting the removal of human failures or oversights.

Innovation for efficiency

Whilst efficiency should never come at the expense of safety, greater productivity is always strived for whether in the installation, adaption, removal and storage of workzone safety products. Efficiency of use and productivity of workers’ time will always be important factors as to how and why products are chosen. Our product development team always looks for the safest solution then explores how to maximise the efficiency of each product, whether in materials or technical innovation or even in the way it is designed for installation, removal or storage.

Innovation to solve challenges

We put great faith in collaboration with our customers. In support of those relationships, we recognise how the best products solve challenges and collectively we work together to evaluate the efficacy of any potential new product design to determine its wider scope for the benefit of the entire marketplace.