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Temporary workzone lighting is imperative for all low light environments, to allow the progression of works safely and efficiently in darker conditions, helping to keep projects on time.

Form-A-Light delivers a hassle-free lighting solution that can be adapted for use in multiple environments. Battery operated, it removes the need for any external power supply, cabling or mechanical lifting.

It fits together manually in minutes and its high powered, rechargeable battery provides powerful lighting to safely illuminate any site to ensure temporary works can continue to be carried out in challenging light.

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Temporary workzone lighting is essential for any low light environment, to allow progression of work both safely and efficiently. Form – A – Light eliminates any need for mechanical lifting as the product can be assembled manually. This product is also cable free as it benefits from the use of a rechargeable battery.

Manufactured in the UK using electroplated steel the product performs well against testing weather and working conditions. Versatile and battery operated, this temporary, workzone lighting solution is safe to use, environmentally friendly and promotes greater productivity.