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Solutions to protect people in industrial scenarios.

Working to support industrial workzones to protect people, help secure sites, achieve new efficiencies and grow profits.

vertemax® has been supporting industrial businesses and workzones of all complexities ever since its founders decided to use the benefit of their experience to launch a new approach to workzone safety.  They recognised that businesses in petrochemical, nuclear and renewable sectors were not benefitting from the same innovations in workzone safety as in other industries, such as construction, rail and marine.

In protecting people, including workers and the public, and boosting your reputation as a business employing the latest thinking and innovation to workzone safety, we focus on three aims: to protect people, to protect your business and to achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency.

Working with industrial workzone partners, we champion their belief that workzone safety is an investment, not an expense. Workzone products and services by vertemax® are designed to offer a win-win approach, delivering both better safety and productivity advantages – maximising return on investment. Mitigating risk in the workzone through innovation reduces incidents and accidents making for a safer, more productive environment and a healthier workforce.

Recently conducted independent customer research highlighted how part of our success is due to our industry leading and trusted customer service level – an area we are proud to invest in, and long-term, as it means our team are readily available to support you with advice whenever you need.

Workzones are complex and continually changing in scope and area.  Our engaged teams are continuously visiting customer sites up and down the country and are continuously working with customers on product innovations to solve new challenges.  Beyond this, our head office’s, technical and warehouse teams deliver day-to-day operational and supply support, ensuring product reaches sites as soon as possible to keep sites moving safely.

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