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TAMMET Barriers in action on a construction site

V – Barrier System

The market leader in the design and supply of edge protection, our comprehensive systems are extremely versatile to provide our customers with a range of excellent workzone safety solutions to meet their application requirements.

Further details can be obtained from our knowledgeable staff, who will be delighted to speak to you about your edge protection needs, however bespoke.

See our full range of components below.

  • Multiple components to provide systemised protection that conforms to EN 13374 Class A.

  • Steel components manufactured from high quality steel with galvanised finish.

  • Barriers can be powder coated in a choice of colours from the RAL range and customised with company logos in order to strengthen a customer's brand on site.

  • Solutions for drilling, clamping, cast-in, formwork and free standing application requirements to provide comprehensive protection at the edge.

  • Combined with the collective protection of our Catchfan range, the V - Barrier System ensures your workzone safety is not compromised.

  • vertemax® supplies its edge protection systems directly to your workzone.
  • A range of barrier options to provide versatile, full height edge protection to 1.8m. Secured using our lightweight aluminium post together with a range of components designed for different applications.

  • The barrier has a high quality powder coat finish and is manufactured using organic pre treatment material to enhance its anti corrosion properties.

  • The barrier system complies with EN 13374, Class A.


  • 1300 MK2 Half Barrier
  • 2600 MK2 Barrier
  • 2600 MK4 Barrier
  • 1300 MK5 Half Barrier
  • 2600 MK5 Barrier
  • 2600 MK5 Make Up Barrier
  • 2300 MK5 High Barrier
  • Stair Barrier

Components for Drilling applications

  • VS Foot
  • VS Edge
  • VS Web

Components for Clamping applications

  • VS Stair
  • VS HD Clamp
  • VS Sheet Pile Clamp

Components for Cast-in applications

  • VS Cast

Components for Formwork applications

  • VS Timber Beam Clamp

Components for Free Standing applications

  • VS Ground

Common components for all applications

  • VS Slider
  • VS Timber Slider
  • VS Hinge
  • VS Post

  • Transit & Storage Solutions

  • Eurobox
  • Barrier Frames