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Catchfan Mini

The Catchfan Mini is designed specifically for scaffolding and clamps easily onto any scaffold – whether it is system scaffolding or traditional tube and fitting.

Extremely lightweight with a framework made entirely of aluminium, and with a total weight of approximately 40 kg, a 2 man install is easily achievable with no need for a crane lift – which results in significant cost savings. As the scaffold progresses, the Catchfan Mini is manually repositioned.

Designed to absorb the energy of falling objects, the Catchfan Mini safely contains falling debris, mitigating against objects causing danger to the public or damage to property. This is an excellent containment solution added to our range as the Catchfan Mini’s size provides a great option to sites with limited space.


Our Catchfans are renowned worldwide for adding a greatly improved level of collective protection in high rise construction.

Catchfans come in different sizes to accommodate the variety of challenges any site presents, including the standard size Catchfan and the Catchfan Maxi that covers an impressive 4.2m from the building.

  • Full Training available upon request.

  • Full technical support from planning to delivery.

  • The Catchfan Mini absorbs the energy of the falling objects and safely contains falling debris.

  • No need for crane installation.

  • Made entirely of aluminium, a two-man install can be achieved with no need for a crane lift.

  • Clamps easily onto any scaffold with its claw clamps - whether it's system scaffolding or traditional tube and fittings.

  • Can be manually moved up the building as the scaffold progresses.

  • A range of net colours available on request.

  • A double layer of net made up of 60x60 mm and a 20x20 mm overlay manufactured from polypropylene.

  • Approximately 40kg.
  • Only drop forged couplers made to EN 74 Class B should be used.

  • Approximately 40kg.

  • See more in the User Instruction.

  • The Catchfan Mini has been specially developed for scaffolding purposes.