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Catchfan maxi in action on a construction site

Catchfan Maxi

The Catchfan is designed to absorb the energy of falling objects, mitigating against objects causing danger to the public or damage to property. This is an excellent containment solution providing a greatly improved level of collective protection in high rise construction.

Our Catchfans are known worldwide and come in different sizes to offer versatility and accommodate the variety of challenges any site can present.

The Catchfan Maxi covers an impressive 4.2m from the building, offering an increased containment area.

Other size Catchfans include the standard size Catchfan and the Catchfan Mini that’s specifically designed for Scaffolding.

  • Full training available upon request.

  • Full technical support from planning to delivery.

  • A full range of attachments to accommodate all shapes and types of construction.

  • A double layer of net made up of 60 mm x 60 mm and a 20 mm x 20 mm overlay manufactured from polypropylene.
  • The Catchfan is manufactured and has been tested to be fully compliant with European Standard EN-1263-1 Type T.

  • This is capable of arresting a 100 kg mass twice on any part of the system from a 7 m drop height.
  • vertemax® Catchfans can be used on both reinforced concrete and steel frames.

  • See which components fit different applications below.

  • Components for the Catchfan Maxi:

  • Slab Attachment