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Workzone Security

We explore how the term workzone safety is becoming the new health and safety paradigm.

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 Workzone Security

Workzone Security from vertemax™ can assist you in a broad range of ways, from delivering first-class surveillance and contractor records, to restricted access and monitoring, whether for security or in the event of an evacuation.

Safety standards expected today across construction, rail, industrial and marine workzones have significantly improved and transformed in recent years as new ways to protect lives, and the integrity and safety of temporary sites, have been developed and introduced.

Aiming to remain at the forefront of this change, vertemax™ is introducing new innovative workzone safety products and services to complement our excellence in edge protection, access and lifting solutions.

We aim to deliver a new level of workzone site protection, covering detection and deterrence.  We are also supporting our partners to reduce project delays and improve response times in cases of emergency or evacuation.



eviFile is a new state of the art software platform that collates secure, authentic and tamper-proof data that serves as a powerful and secure solution for field data collection and reporting.  For construction and infrastructure project managers, eviFile will provide a “Single Version of the Truth” for all asset data. eviFile is proven to cut project budgets and time by reducing administration time for teams, narrowing the gap between field and office and enabling informed decision-making.


vertemax™ Security & Monitoring

If you are seeking a temporary security solution to protect your or your client’s construction, rail, industrial and marine workzones or valuable property on site, vertemax™ offers tailored security solutions, from site surveys, temporary CCTV installations, ongoing maintenance and alarm monitoring and response.

Workzone sites, of course, contain significant valuable and dangerous equipment and are frequently the target for criminals. Workzone construction, rail, industrial or marine sites must also be protected against intruder access, protecting threats to life and operations.

The changing threat to workers and the public should be recognized at all times.  vertemax™ understands how workzones will often continually change and evolve as the site is built out – sites can grow upwards, regularly multiplying the area needing protection and monitoring.  Workzone Security products from vertemax™ deliver benefits through monitoring to solve disputes and accidental liability concerns, especially when there are multiple contractors on site.

Tragically, workzones also need to consider new security thinking, for instance high profile sites today also need to consider terrorism as a threat beyond what has typically always only been theft, arson and vandalism.

In addition sites, particularly high-rise, need to prevent access for those intent on committing suicide or protesting.

There is a myriad of issues which can impact construction, rail, industrial and marine workzones, and we encourage any partner or prospective customer to engage with our team to look at innovative and other technology-based solutions.