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Edge Protection

vertemax™ is the leading edge protection system specialist supplying the construction, rail, industrial and marine industries worldwide. Using our experience and specialist knowledge, our products have a well-earned reputation for being easy to use, productive and safe.

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We offer a range of edge protection systems, including the market-leading V – Barrier System, stair barrier, barrier frames, Catchfan and Alsipercha.

If any specification or installation challenges arise, our specialist CAD Planning team are on-hand with a design solution. With constantly evolving market requirements, some of our products have a unique interchangeable design and are innovatively developed to meet new challenges in safety and workzone productivity.

While each product meets EN, COHS, OSHA, ANSI-ASSE standards, our product ranges are designed for great versatility, high productivity, easy assembly, ease of storage and transportation (to and around sites) and can be customized to your needs.



Our Catchfans, also known as debris netting solution, have a reputation worldwide for providing newly improved containment in high-rise collective protection.  Easy-to-install, and fitted to the perimeter of a building or scaffolding, they are ready to catch falling objects and materials, preventing damage or injury to people or property.  Like all of our products they also come with trusted support and advice from our team.

The vertemax™ Catchfan brings a new level of safety to construction when working at height. Catchfans come in different sizes to accommodate the variety of challenges any site presents.


V – Barrier System

Our barrier system has as strong a reputation for its safety as it does for its versatility. For many leading companies the V – Barrier System has become a standard and a trusted brand in its own right. Adding additional safety, through improved containment on sites, our Catchfans – available in different sizes; Catchfan Mini, Catchfan and Catchfan Maxi.

Of course, it is more than a barrier system.  Ordering your barrier system from vertemax™ is also about service, quality and peace-of-mind.  Our team are there to work with you, offering advice on specification, design, installation or troubleshooting and will manage the customization of products to your brand colors and showing your logos to maximize your workzone presence.

Our range of component solutions increases at pace as we continuously work with customers to face and overcome their challenges.  See Innovation > to learn more.


Stair Barrier

The vertemax™ Stair Barrier provides excellent temporary edge protection to stairwells during construction and conforms to the requirements of EN 13374 Class A edge protection.

Simple and economical, the vertemax™ Stair Barrier is fully compatible with our V – Barrier System and ensures safety is never compromised in a hazardous stairway environment.

With safety, versatility and productivity in mind, the Stair Barrier uses the V – Barrier System posts and attachments, combined with the steel mesh stair barrier solution to allow those on site to work and use precast stairways safely during construction.



A personal protection safety system designed to prevent falls from height during the decking for horizontal formwork operation. This lightweight overhead anchor device is a superb loading system and provides complete personal safety for individuals when mounting decking panels, edge protection, slab edges and stop-ends.

Easy to use and fast to install, the Alsipercha provides the worker with a 360˚ freedom of movement, allowing the worker to cover an area of 125 m2 and move within a radius of 6.5 m around the column.

With the safety of the operator paramount, the Alsipercha utilizes a retractable inertia block which uses the seat belt principle to arrest a fall. The shock absorber absorbs the shock in the event of a fall, putting less stress on the concrete column and on the harnessed operator minimizing the risk of injury. This safety feature can only be found on the Alsipercha.

For productivity, the system folds in seconds, is reusable, portable, versatile and systemized.

Offering great value and versatility, the Alsipercha system can be used for safe loading and unloading of vehicles on site or in yards, utilizing a tripod configuration for protection on smaller trucks.

Also designed for use in railway maintenance, the Alsipercha is ideal for working safely in a group on a truck.