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Access Solutions

vertemax™ offers a wide range of access solutions to support the safety and productivity for construction, rail, industrial and marine workzone environments or temporary sites. 

All our workzone access solutions have been purpose designed with ease of transportation, erection and storage in mind.

Ideal for use in all-weather conditions and narrow areas they each fully comply with EN, COHS, OSHA, ANSI-ASSE as Temporary Work Equipment for access between levels.

If you are experiencing any workzone access challenges please contact our regional managers or our head office for more support, including new product innovation.


Aluminium Stairway

Capable of accommodating a range of pitch angles and of being folded flat for easy transportation, the robust Aluminium Stairway takes only minutes to construct after arrival, and it is easy to move around site to suit your temporary access needs.

Its lightweight, strong aluminum design makes it versatile and capable of being used in scaffold, concrete & timber construction environments. The Aluminium Stairway is ideally suited for temporary access to roofs, between building floors, in service ducts, on embankments or in protecting permanent stairs during construction periods. Slab attachments are also available for use on concrete frames.

Fully compliant with EN, COHS, OSHA, ANSI-ASSE standards, the Aluminium Stairway can easily be secured and locked into a preferred angle. The non-slip steps ensure maximum grip and allow a speedy load capacity of 150kg.



The Passerelle offers a robust, lightweight solution for temporary bridging requirements. With its anti-slip surface, it makes for an excellent solution for application in a variety of site environments. Fully complying with EN 12811, the vertemax™ Passerelle is a modular unit designed to temporarily bridge trenches.


Spaghetti Mat

The vertemax™ Spaghetti Mat has been developed specifically as a safe traffic zone on loose and unprepared ground within workzone sites for workers and light trade vehicles.

Providing heavy-duty performance, the Spaghetti Mat is a free draining structure in order for dirt and water to drain and filter through, ensuring the surface remains clean and as safe as possible. The Spaghetti Mat offers excellent durability and resistance to heavy wear and tear and provides a superb level of slip resistance both wet and dry whilst being resistant to mold and fungal attack.

Available in red, amber, green and grey, the innovative Spaghetti Mat has been developed specifically to identify a heavy duty and safe, dedicated traffic route on site. It can be used on loose, unfinished ground and on finished surfaces to offer unhindered access to operators and their light trade vehicles.  It can also uniquely be cut to size.

Its robust lightweight design allows for quick removal and its porous design enables both indoor and outdoor use and presents easy cleaning opportunities through hosing down or pressure washing before onward transit to the next site.  It can also be easily secured using temporary fixings for different floor types.



The vertemax™ Scissorgate is used to zone off areas quickly and with ease.  Benefitting from high visibility reflective fitted strips it protects site personnel and the public from potential dangers.

Expanding to a maximum width of 2.3 meters, and weighing just 55kg, it has a robust design and multiple Scissorgates can be securely joined by bolts or by using the Scissorgate Link.

It comes supplied with punctureless tires to allow good mobility and easy movement across any terrain.

The Scissorgate, with high lateral strength, is no pushover and can withstand strong lateral force, enhancing workzone safety. The concertina barrier extends to 2 meters and can retract for compact storage and simple transit.



The vertemax™ Wastebin has been designed to transport up to 355 liters of waste materials and construction rubble safely and simply away from site.

Its excellent maneuverability makes moving debris around sites simple and its design means it fits easily through standard doorways, making site transportation simple and efficient.

Designed with the user in mind, and their safety, the vertemax™ Wastebin has its own parking brake to securely stow any unattended loads on undulated surfaces.

Four lifting hooks allow for simple emptying and when used in conjunction with the elebia safety hook, the slung Wastebin can be remotely emptied, disposing of the load in a site skip without posing any danger to site operators.


Access Solutions

All our workzone access solutions have been designed with ease of transportation, erection and storage in mind.

Ideal for use in all-weather conditions and narrow areas they each fully comply with EN, COHS, OSHA, ANSI-ASSE as they each fully comply with EN 12811 – Temporary Works Equipment for access between levels.

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