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The NEW Lightweight ALUPERCHA

19KG and can be erected in 30 seconds

The new lightweight personal protection system for your workzone safety when working at height.

With an ear to the industry and customer needs, vertemax™ have, in partnership with Alsina, developed a new lightweight aluminium personal protection system – the Alupercha.

Weighing just 19kg, the Alupercha removes the need for a crane installation and can be installed and repositioned by one person. As the Alupercha doesn’t require a crane, it’s not only very adaptable, but it also saves costs.

Strong and offering 360˚ freedom of movement, the Alupercha covers an area of 125 m2, allowing the worker to move within a radius of 9 m around the column.  For further detail, please see our User Instructions. The unique built-in shock absorber reduces the force of a fall with the retractable fall arrest block. The Alupercha is quick to use and can be used without pre-planning, regardless of windy situations.

One of the areas that sets vertemax™ apart is our focus and capacity for innovation.  It is an integral part of our business’ DNA and is an area we see as critical to our continued and future success. The Alupercha innovation looks to forge better ways to protect people, improve productivity and reduce costs.

  • No crane needed
  • Installed & repositioned by one person
  • Anchorpoint above and behind
  • Built-in shock absorber
  • Capable of fall factor 0

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"The Alupercha system allows for greater flexibility whilst installing falsework decks as the Alupercha can be advanced manually with the leading edge thus removing the usual crane dependence."
Pat Dervan, Project Director at GCL

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