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Mobile Base Unit

This solution comprises of the Alsipercha or Alupercha as a main anchor point fastened into a Mobile Base Unit which provides a 1000kg/1 tonne counterweight.

Rapid assembly, disassembly and relocation of this product is made possible with forklift, crane or manually lifting as each of the 25kg counterweights can be removed individually before relocation.

Providing an overhead anchor point of up to 6.5 metres this solution is perfectly suited for maintenance works in industrial environments.


  • Portable system that protects users from falls during work at height.

  • Easy, intuitive installation enabling use and relocation within minutes.

  • Built in energy absorbing device to reduce the impact forces transferred to the user and structure should a fall occur.

  • Forty 25kg counterweights for easy assembly and relocation.

  • Built-in levelling feet to correct gradients up to 10°.

  • User with harness is connected to the Alsipercha or Alupercha by a Self Retracting Line (SRL).

  • Up to 2 users connected simultaneously.

Components for the Mobile Base Unit are:

  • Alsipercha/Alupercha unit

  • Post for confined spaces

  • 40 x 25kg Manual counterweights

  • Base - Including level, rubber stickers, adhesives, M20 bolts and counterweight bars

  • 4 x Levelling feet
    • The Mobile Base Unit provides a wide range of potential uses including protecting workers at heights during maintenance work in industrial environments, loading and unloading trucks, maintenance on trains, etc.