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Alsipercha & Alupercha Attachments

For working efficiently at height in different environments

7 Attachments for working at height on slab edges, lorries and confined areas.

The Alsipercha & Alupercha Systems are perhaps more known for use on slabs and formwork projects, but to utilise the systems fully, we’d like to introduce the full range of Accessories. The Accessories were made to work with both the Alsipercha and the Alupercha – and designed to provide safety in any environment, whether it’s on a lorry or in confined spaces.

The fall protection systems can be used in combination with the Accessories and can support the safety of one or several users. Please see the User Instruction for more safety information. To fully utilise your incredibly versatile Alsipercha and Alupercha System, we want you to be fully aware of these accessories and how they can be applied in many different applications and industries.

Below is a guide to help you fully utilise these versatile fall protection systems and show how they can be applied regardless of industry or application.

  • Column Clamps
  • Conical Tube
  • Counterweight
  • Post for reduced spaces
  • Rail System
  • Tripod
  • Wall Bracket

The Tripod

The Tripod provides a wide range of potential uses, such as loading-unloading vehicles. The Tripod requires drilling to ensure it’s securely bolted before use. Can be used inside and outside. Works well with the Rail System.

Rail System – used by many

The Rail System is the most versatile of the Attachments available. The Rail System allows up to 2 users simultaneously and works with the Tripod, Post, Column Clamp and Wall Bracket.

Wall Brackets

Thanks to the Wall Bracket accessory, the Fall protection systems can also be installed to concrete walls or columns, significantly increasing the range of multiple applications. Used for loading and unloading vehicles or cleaning or maintenances over machines etc. Works with Rail System.

Conical Tube

The Conical Tube is ideal for formwork decking process, formwork risers, installation of guardrails, Barriers, Catchfans, and in general all formwork assembly. This provides the worker with a 360˚ freedom of movement and covers an area of 125 m2.


When drilling isn’t an option, the Counterweight System is a great solution. Simply position the lorry on the main beam, and adjust the built-in adjustable supports to correct possible unevenness on the surface.

Column Clamps – for confined areas

The Steel Column Clamps are mainly used in industrial environments, such as loading or unloading lorries, doing maintenance over machines or buildings, with difficult access. This Accessory also works well with the Rail System.

Post – for reduced spaces

The Post for reduced spaces is the perfect solution for confined workzones. Includes a 3 positions component, that corrects slight ground unevenness detected on the ground.

Both the Alsipercha and the Alupercha Systems include a built-in shock absorber device that reduces the impact in case of a fall. The Alsipercha & Alupercha Systems both provides the worker with a 360˚ freedom of movement.

More About the Alsipercha Range

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