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About us

vertemax® offers products designed to protect people.  It puts people first, whether the general public, on-site workers or any of your team.

Today, what sets us apart as the workzone safety company, is how innovation is at the heart of everything that we do, and how we are working closely day-to-day with customers across sectors to help them achieve the very best in site protection and efficiency.  That ethos is driven by a design philosophy and a capacity focused on continual improvement of products and services.  Indeed, it is our vision to be recognised consistently as the leading workzone safety company worldwide.

The business’ considerable experience and expertise comes from decades of working in the industry, in industrial design, product development, advanced scaffolding and in supply and distribution.

We aim to support each customer in any way we can, with any challenge and wherever needed.  As a company who puts customer experience and satisfaction at the top of the list, we pride ourselves on being flexible and in being able to offer real understanding of the complexities, challenges and demands of the environments our partners work in.

Distilled, the vertemax® mission is to be the brand that workers want protecting them and the company its customers can rely on.

“Innovation is at the heart of our business and we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to identify and meet their everyday needs. This ensures our successes are as much theirs."
Gary Taylor - CEO at vertemax Group
“Our industry is one where safety is paramount, the best solutions are chosen and where relationships are managed with integrity and transparency.”