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Press Release 01-10-2018

3 October 2018

Vertemax™ takes another innovative approach to secure customers safety and productivity.

Vertemax, the workzone safety company, has just announced a new ground-breaking partnership with the technology company eviFile.

Introducing this highly innovative, real-time workflow tool, well suited to the Construction, Industrial, Rail & Maritime sectors, eviFile will help users boost productivity by up to 40%.  Tailored to meet any companies’ workflow eviFile has already proven itself to be a winner in increasing the speed and quality with which companies to boost valuable relationships between companies. 

eviFile offers a range of productivity benefits as a digital evidence and workflow solution.  A real-time tool, it has been Innovatively designed to support the introduction and management of a standardised process in workflow, including the step-change of providing tamper-proof quality evidence.

eviFile securely captures, manages, shares and tracks digital evidence throughout a workflow to preserve and authenticate a visible chain of proof.

In using the tool, field teams are provided with a work allocation dashboard using eviFile’s workflow capability.  Every activity is photographed, providing evidence of progressive assurance compliance.  All data, including forms and photographs, are uploaded to eviFile’s encrypted vault and real-time data is delivered to the management team which helps inform decision making and efficiency.

A huge benefit to the industry will be collecting and protecting the right evidence to comply with the job, whether it’s for progressive assurance compliance or industry governance.  In other industries eviFile has already revolutionised the way companies work – from time and cost savings to a peace of mind, and in knowing that your company is protected against any form of dispute.

Luke Allen, CEO of eviFile says:
“This an exciting time for us. Our team has worked very hard to envision what we wanted to accomplish with the new software and the reactions we’ve had for eviFile is more than we could hope for. Making companies more efficient and secure is our company vision and we can already see the influence it has had on the construction industry. The cooperation with vertemax™ is a great collaboration.”

Jamie Russon, CEO of vertemax says:
“eviFile gives our portfolio another dimension and fits well into our workzone safety concept.  We are excited to introduce eviFile to the sectors we serve to enhance productivity, improve safety and provide a comprehensive, digital assurance tool.”

Notes to Editors:

  • Vertemax™ is a leading workzone safety company that offers products and services designed to protect people. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do – having a close relationship with our customers helps us identify and meet their needs – which ensures their success as much as ours.
  • eviFile has revolutionised the way companies work – from time and cost savings to a peace of mind, knowing that your company is protected against any form of dispute.

Press contact:
Jamie Russon
General Manager at Vertemax™ Ltd
T +44 (0) 1227 711 072


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