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"eviFile has streamlined and simplified our processes, providing real-time data and the insight to make actionable decisions, reduce risk and deliver a higher quality project." Peter Webb, Director of Electrification Delivery, Balfour Beatty, Rail business.


eviFile has reinvented field-data collection by providing a Digital Evidence Platform that businesses of all sizes and across sectors can use to capture, manage and share unquestionable* digital data using every day mobile devices. eviFile is a proven hosted or cloud-based solution that not only provides you with confidence in your suppliers but will protect you from any future claims or disputes.

Easy to use
Intuitive design and step by step processes ensure widespread adoption is easily achievable.

Built for mobile 
Compatible with any smartphone, tablet or desktop device and is accessible on or offline.

eviFile ensures all field events are accurately and consistently recorded.

eviFile can integrate with all your existing systems & processes to enhance what you do.

Location specific
eviFile geo-locates events with pinpoint accuracy. Locations can be mapped, tracked and located using Google maps street or map view.

eviTrack functionality provides an authentic snail-trail of field resources, event activity and inspection routes.

Managers can generate reports from eviFile in CSV or pdf format and make instant data-driven decisions on live projects.

Leading edge, scalable tech 
eviFile is scalable to any requirement and built to last using the latest technology.


  • Digital photographic evidence (ACPO Compliant) Geo-tag your eviFiles

  • Include attachments alongside any eviFile Google Maps (Street View)

  • Android enabled

  • Highly secure Vault storage

  • Share your eviFile

  • eviTrack (real-time location tracking)

  • Offline support

  • Digital forms

  • Advanced, custom workflow component

  • Smart work assignment and allocation

  • Progress of work done, complete and current situation Interactive reports & dashboard

  • Asset management and feature set

  • Enhanced auditing and blockchain

  • Advanced workflows

  • Integration support (API’s)

  • Multiple projects support

  • Enhanced mapping technologies

  • Dedicated Vault
  • Cloud based.
  • Integration support. (API’s)
  • Blockchain information.
  • Cryptographic algorithms.
  • Dedicated Vault.
  • Android and IOS compatible.
  • Reports can be generated in CSV or PDF format.
  • Share eviFile’s in PDF or URL format.
  • Helps companies in Construction, Rail, Marine and Industrial industries. As well as logistics, facilities management, field services, oil and gas, utilities and many more.