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Catchfan Mini

The Catchfan Mini is designed specifically for scaffolding and is best suited to challenging areas with limited access. The Catchfan Mini does not require a crane and can be moved up the building as the scaffold progresses.

The Catchfan Mini clamps easily onto any scaffold, offering a quick and easy solution for the containment of falling objects and debris on construction sites; protecting the public, site workers and the property. It’s designed to absorb the energy of a falling object and eliminate the possibility of objects bouncing out.

The framework of the Catchfan Mini is made completely of aluminium, and a two-man install can be achieved with no need for a crane lift. This results in significant cost savings and ensures that other site operations that do require a crane can continue simultaneously without interruption.

Our Catchfans are renowned worldwide for adding a greatly improved level of collective protection in high rise construction.

Catchfans come in different sizes to accommodate the variety of challenges any site presents.

Take a look at our Catchfan and Catchfan Maxi.

  • Full Training available upon request.

  • Full technical support from planning to delivery.

  • The Catchfan Mini absorbs the energy of the falling object and contains the material.

  • A double layer of net made up of 60x60 mm and a 20x20 mm overlay manufactured from polypropylene.

  • 40kg
  • This system is made completely of aluminum, offering a lightweight system that negates the need for a crane lift.
  • The Catchfan Mini has been specially developed for scaffolding purposes.