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The Alsipercha System is known worldwide as the safest way for personal protection when working at height during the decking for horizontal formwork operation and is certified in Canada and North America.

Easy to use and fast to install, the Alsipercha provides the worker with a 360˚ freedom of movement, covers an area of 125 m2 and allows the worker to move within a radius of 6.5 m around the column.


How to get the most use of your Alsipercha, see also: 

The Accessories for the Alsipercha System allow you to work at height on slab edges, trucks and small areas. Combinations with the Alsipercha are:

The Alsipercha & Conical Tube

The Alsipercha & Tripod

The Alsipercha & Column Clamps

The Alsipercha & Counterweight

The Alsipercha & Rail System

  • Easy to assemble and use: no external accessories are required.

  • Alsipercha Safety System is designed to prevent falls during the decking operation.

  • Provides a fall factor “0”

  • Structure made of high-quality elastic steel, providing a 360º free rotation, maximizing the freedom of the worker.

  • Buil-in energy absorber that reduces the impact forces transmitted to the user and the structure, in case of fall.

  • Designed to be moved and handled by crane.

  • Alsipercha has been optimally designed for columns spaced up to 8.5m, allowing the worker to safely cover a surface up to 125m2 and a radius of 6.5m.

  • Alsipercha provides personal safety when mounting decking panels, edge protection, slab edges and generally all formwork assembly activities where a fall from height presents significant risk.

  • Combinations with the Alsipercha are: Conical Tube, Tripod, Column Clamps, Counterweight, Rail System

  • Steel frame in an inverted “L” shape: 2.5m wide and 4.3m high provides an overhead anchor point.

  • Metal structure weighing 80 Kg, made of high quality steel (elastic limit 42 - 46 Kg/mm2 ; breaking strength 61 - 76 Kg/mm2).

  • Retractable device measuring 2.5 m maximum length.

  • Components for the Alsipercha are:

  • Alsipercha body
  • Sling
  • Hook
  • Harness / lengthener
  • Retractable block
  • Column gripper
  • Alsipercha Safety System is designed to prevent falls during the decking operation.